16.4.2013, 09 Uhr


Culture:City in motion picture - Part 3: Tate Modern
...and DO NOT MISS Jacques Herzog´s lecture today at the AdK!

Film still Rejoice, © Julia Langhof and Michal Grabowski
Join us today for a closer look at the short film on Tate Modern – and enjoy it in full length during your visit in the exhibition!

"Tate Modern is located in a former power station converted by Herzog & De Meuron into a museum for modern art. The building project undertook the contemporary challenge of making art accessible not only to an elite but to everyone who was interested. After all, pop culture had not only commercialized art, but had also made it accessible to the masses.

However, the building was clearly on the “wrong side” of the Thames, opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral on London’s South Bank, difficult to access by public transportation, and with little passing pedestrian traffic. Thus the same architects designed the Millennium Bridge,
which is now crossed by some five million people a year.

Now, fifteen years later, Tate Modern has become a household name; figures show that it is currently one of the most visited museums in the world. A place with an impressive cathedral-like hall: a cathedral of art that competes with its very different sibling across the river, and transforms and revitalizes the entire South Bank area."

Rejoice (Tate Modern)
Director/Editor: Julia Langhof
Cinematographer/Editor: Michal Grabowski
Project: Tate Modern, London, 1994-2000; The Tate Modern Project, 2004-2016
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron

"Rejoice" is one of the 15 short films, exploring the function and consequences of the architecture and the buildings on local people: on offer as part of the exhibition Culture:City, produced especially by independent directors - students and graduates of the Berlin Film School DFFB - on the occasion. These young filmmakers have visited the actual buildings world wide and have condensed their impressions onto films that can be called up from the tablet computer in the exhibition in front of every model or be viewed in a small cinema that has been installed at the end of the show.

And don't miss Jacques Herzog's lecture today at AdK Hanseatenweg, starting from 7pm. Please have a look here for further information.

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Rejoice (Tate Modern)
Regie/Schnitt: Julia Langhof, Kamera/Schnitt: Michal Grabowski