2.5.2013, 10 Uhr


To feel the space: head, ear or body?

The Meaning Of A Sound Place. Today with STADT UM 10 by our media partner Stadtaspekte - die dritte Seite der Stadt - a closer look at Gernot Böhme and The Aesthetics Of The Atmosphere. “The theme of space is a cornerstone in the philosophical investigation. It appeals to the world experienced by the subjects in terms of perceptual knowledge, the aim then is never the metrological and scientific analysis of change, but the attempt at clarification of the common sensitive comprehension of those data which the outside world offers to those who meet it.” (digicult.it, Simone Broglia) ...read the article...

Don´t miss the lecture by Gernot Böhme "Klang-Atmosphären in Stadt und Architektur" [Sound Atmospheres in Cities and Architecture] followed by a discussion with Gernot Böhme, Peter Ablinger and Matthias Sauerbruch on 17th May at 7pm at the Akademie der Künste.