Prizes and Scholarships of the Literature Section

The Section awards various prizes and scholarships, including the annual Heinrich Mann Prize, the Berlin Art Prize, and the biennial Alfred Döblin Prize donated by Günter Grass. It is jointly responsible for the selection of up to nine Berlin authors for the scholarship in the Alfred Döblin House in Wewelsfleth, Holstein. The Academy maintains the house and presents the scholarship holders with their work in Berlin. As part of the Young Academy scholarship programme, the Section selects two international scholarship holders every two years.

Heinrich Mann Prize

This prize for essay writing is awarded annually on the occasion of the anniversary of Heinrich Mann’s birth on 27th March by an independent three-member jury.

Alfred Döblin Prize

The Alfred Döblin Prize, donated by Günter Grass in 1979, is for unpublished literary works of an epic character and is awarded every two years by the Akademie der Künste jointly with the Literary Colloquium Berlin. Personal application is possible.

Alfred Döblin Scholarship

A residency scholarship of the Alfred Döblin Prize Foundation for Berlin writers in the Alfred Döblin House in Wewelsfleth/Schleswig-Holstein for a three-month period. The request for applications for the following year is announced annually in July.

Lion Feuchtwanger Prize

A Foundation Prize for historical prose awarded every two to three years on the occasion of the anniversary of the birthday of Lion Feuchtwanger on 7th July.

Weiskopf Wedding Prize

This Foundation Prize is the successor to the former Alex Wedding Prize and the F. C. Weiskopf Prize. It is awarded for linguistically critical or reflective works or for children's and young people's books.