Special Collections

Illustrirter Katalog der 63. Ausstellung der Königlichen Akademie der Künste, 1892

Grosse Berliner Kunst-Ausstellung, 1895

The Academy Library's special collections include:

  • 500 volumes from the original holdings of the Prussian Akademie der Künste
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Comprehensive holdings of valuable and rare journals (primary focus: Berlin in the 1920s and exile)
  • Library and records of the Institut für deutsche Literaturgeschichte in Leipzig
  • Die Möwe Theatre Studies Library of the GDR's Gewerkschaft Kunst with approx. 60,000 volumes
  • The library of the Verband Bildender Künstler der DDR
  • The reference library with approx. 60,000 volumes belonging to the "Hauptverwaltung Verlage und Buchhandel" (Head Office of Publishing and the Book Trade) in East Germany's Ministry of Culture
  • Approx. 6,000 articles (copies and originals) from literary studies journals and rare newspapers
  • Offprints

The library in the Bertolt Brecht Archive and the library in the Walter Benjamin Archive are two separate research libraries.