100 Pupils – 10 Members

  • A project for the whole of Germany and Europe

    Who we are   
    “100 Pupils − 10 Members”, a project covering both Germany and Europe, has been underway since March 2008, engaged in bringing young people into close contact with the creative process and with the motivation which inspires artists. It involves members of the Academy of Arts from all sections and has been designed and set up by the Young Academy Department.

    A number, changing monthly, of children and young people, aged from four to nineteen, and from all types of school, find out what artists are working on, why they work as artists, and what contents and themes motivate them.

    By exchanging personal views, and visiting the actual working environment of the artists concerned, their understanding of art is permanently broadened through an insight into the artist's creative processes. The artist's passionate, motivated, stamina-demanding work, and  the opportunity to hear, see and observe his or her working environment, reacts on the pupils, strengthening their own personality formation, ability to cope and motivation to work, while forming their world view.   

    Before the meeting pupils receive materials about the artist from the libraries and archives of the Academy of Arts. Depending on the age of the children and young people, this may consist of written texts, films, newspaper articles, catalogue illustrations, photographs or academic papers. Pupils are called upon to do their own research on the internet or in a library, to perform small tasks, to consider interview questions or, for example, to design a model bridge.

    After the meeting
    After the meeting in the artist's studio, on the rehearsal stage of the theatre, at the opera house, at the House of Literature, film studio or architect's office, the pupils produce written papers, audio and video files, which are published on this website.

    Evaluation: who has taken part so far?

    Groups of 10 to 100 children and young people from Landau (Isar), Cologne, Leipzig, Potsdam, Tübingen, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Seelow, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Graz and Munich. The pupils come from elementary and junior schools, comprehensive and senior secondary schools, international schools and vocational colleges, and the smaller children from educational day centres.

    Since October 2008 the project has also permanently included the Academy of Art's sponsorship school, the Moses Mendelssohn Comprehensive in Berlin-Moabit. This school has 385 pupils, 80% with an immigrant background; 24% are physically or mentally disabled, and 40% come from Hartz IV households.

  • Which artists met pupils?

    EXAMPLES (english)

    Volker Koepp, Donata Valentien, Adam Zagajewski, Ivan Kafka, Matthias Sauerbruch/Karin Sander

    Vinko Globokar, Peter Lilienthal, Marwan, Matthias Flügge, Eberhard Blum, Peter Lilienthal, Thomas Florschuetz, Ulrike Ottinger, Hans Helmut Prinzler, Karla Kowalski

    Friederike Mayröcker, Susanne Linke, Barbara Klemm, Peter Konwitschny, Werner Stötzer, Ingo Schulze, Peter Konwitschny, Hanns Schimansky, Susanne Linke, Jörg SchlaichThomas Heise, Andreas Dresen, Peter Konwitschny, Arila Siegert, Michael Verhoeven