24.6.2020, 11 Uhr

Now Available: Journal der Künste 13

The current issue of the Journal der Künste focuses on “CRISIS AND CRITIQUE“ and brings together various artistic positions on the current exceptional situation and its consequences for our society. This is how Wolfgang Kaleck, General Secretary of the ECCHR, describes this historical moment as an opportunity to find a powerful, joint approach to maintaining civil society from the gridlock of unresolved crises.

Eva Horn sees a lesson in the pandemic on finding survival strategies for the planet: breath and atmosphere as the basis of life and survival.

The authors A. L. Kennedy and Kathrin Röggla are developing writing as a diary or a language-virus into a critical and participatory act of involvement in political and social events.

Anh-Linh Ngo, editor-in-chief and publisher of ARCH+, advocates decisively for the preservation of public urban space.

Adrienne Goehler analyses the triad of sustainability, deceleration and unconditional basic income as an effective instrument of social transformation.

To mark the occasion of the 100th anniversary of radio, the contributions summarise the audio play from various perspectives: Oliver Sturm on the status of public-service broadcasting between market conformity and supply of basic services, Paul Plamper interviewed by Thomas Irmer on aspects of public space in his audio drama work and Jochen Meißner on the credibility reserves of radio from Orson Welles' War of the Worlds production to the present day.

The photographer Johanna-Maria Fritz gives an interview about her work about magic and witches in a Roma community in Romania. As of October, her photos will be displayed in the exhibition “KONTINENT – Auf der Suche nach Europa” [KONTINENT – In Search of Europe] (02.10.20 – 10.01.2021) at Pariser Platz.

The Iranian filmmaker Farhad Delaran talks to Clara Herrmann, Head of JUNGE AKADEMIE, about the Iranian film scene, censorship and his own approach and handling of it.

A find from the archive provides an unusual testimony to the friendship between the psychoanalyst Max Eitingon and the writer Arnold Zweig.

Also with photo contributions by Julia Baier and Marina Dafova.

You can find the digital version of the 13th issue here.

The Journal der Künste is available in German and English and is free of charge. If you wish to receive the print version of a single issue or if you are interested in a subscription, please send an email to info@adk.de.