24.1.2022, 13 Uhr

New members of the Akademie der Künste

The Akademie der Künste has admitted 30 new members. The elections took place at the 57th General Assembly (12 – 14 November 2021) in Berlin. All newly elected members have since accepted their election.

Rosa Barba, Monica Bonvicini and Hito Steyerl were elected to the Visual Arts Section.

The Architecture Section has accepted Marianne Burkhalter, Thomas Flierl, Konstantin Grcic, Regula Lüscher, Dorte Mandrup, Anh-Linh Ngo, Mike Schlaich, Felix Schwarz and Ana Viader Soler.

New to the Music Section are Georges Aperghis, Malin Bång, Sidney Corbett, Christopher Fox, Stephan Froleyks, George Lewis, Sarah Nemtsov, Kirsten Reese, Trond Reinholdtsen, Annette Schlünz and Chiyoko Szlavnics.

György Dragomán, Esther Kinsky, Eva Menasse, Steffen Mensching and Katharina Schultens are the new members of the Literature Section.

Lars Eidinger and Ulrich Rasche now belong to the Performing Arts Section.

The Film and Media Arts Section did not submit any nominations to the plenum.

The Akademie der Künste currently has 426 members in its six art sections.

Brief biographies of the new members