European Architecture Dialogue Berlin 2012


BTU Cottbus with Academy of Arts, Berlin
Symposium & Master's Thesis Works
Presentation of Results C1 2010-12

27th of September 2012
7-9 pm

28-29th of September 2012
10am to 8pm

Anmeldung/registration: Carolin Schönemann:

Transformation of the European City [Art. 1 Cottbus Charta]
Changes in contemporary lifestyle and working life are manifested in the transformation and reorganization of the European City at the beginning of the 21st century. Current design problems are to be resolved in an historic cultural setting and in the context of complex, pre-existing structures. Transformation occurs at all scales and across multiple disciplines: measures to increase density, transform function, make additions and insertions, as well as to demolish and restructure existing buildings and urban quarters must be developed with respect to ecological sustainability. Multi-dimensional design and planning processes are integral parts of the democratic planning and architecture culture. [ ]


Master's Thesis Symposium A.S.G. BTU Cottbus with AdK Berlin

CULTURAL TRANSFER. Consequences for Architecture & Urban Space in Europe
In the frame of the EAD Platform, the network Reiseuni_Lab debates since 2009 architecture topics in greater Europe and serves as a model and experimental field for the research based university education. The Dialogue between the universities, experts and young professionals reflect current urban questions, concerning design positions and measures to transform social and sustainable urban living conditions. The cities and regions involved – universities from Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Spain – have a rich, grown substance and a various and heterogeneous architecture and town planning experience within democratic and process oriented structures.
This Master’s Thesis’ Symposium represents the first of the research oriented and postgraduate Study Programme "Architektur.Studium.Generale". From 2010-2012, the students developed 8 projects in 8 different universities and cities and reflected various design approaches and methods. In the five-months elaboration of the master’s thesis, five plots refering to the workshop results, have been delved in a theoretical and practical manner under the ‚roof’ of the superordinated topic „Cultural Transfer“. The plots in Lisbon, South of Spain, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Cottbus are choosen for their actual relevance and the transformation options of important and / or difficult historic heritages. The tasks combine the necessity to develop new typologies of cultural identity for the cities within a gentle, cultural transfer future. More complex research questions about case studies and interdisciplinary knowledge accompanied the work.
The development of the Master‘s thesis has taken place in a studio at Cottbus university or onsite of one of the Partner Universities in Tel Aviv, Tallinn, Lisbon and Sevilla, where students worked in research cluster teams allowing them to work out an individual result within the synergy of the team work. The students have been supervised by the teaching staff, BTU V.Prof. Dr. Dagmar Jäger (responsible), Prof. Inken Baller and Prof. Chris Burns together with the professors of the Partner Universities, Prof. Irina Raud, Senior lecture Arch. Ayala Ronel, Prof. Dr. Maria Schneider, Prof. Flavio Barbini, Prof. Ricardo Carvalho, Prof. Dr. Mar Loren and Prof. Dr. Izabela Mironowicz. Professors of the first rotation and students of class 2 constitute the jury board of the Master’s thesis presentation.

Special Thanks:
Akademie der Künste Berlin, Carolin Schönemann, Jacqueline Saliba & Ellen Scheyer
Prof. Irina Raud & the Estonian Ambassy
Friends of the BTU, Dr. Hermann Borghorst
Reiseuni_Lab, Christian Pieper [jp3]

27th of September 2012
Opening of the Exhibition 7 pm - 9 pm
Michael Bräuer (Architect, Director Section Architecture Academy of Arts)
Harry Liivrand (Cultural Attaché Estonia Berlin)
Irina Raud (Architect, Academy Member, University of Technology, Tallinn)
Mar Loren (Architect, Universidad de Sevilla)
Ricardo Carvalho, Flavio Barbini (Architects, Universidad Autònoma de Lisboa)
Ayala Ronel (Architect, Tel Aviv University)
Dagmar Jäger (Architect, Director A.S.G.)
Results to be presented by the Students of each Research Cluster (6 x 5 min)
Moderation: Carolin Schönemann (Academy of Arts, Section Architecture)
Welcome reception

28th of September 2012
Introduction Master’s Thesis & Topics: Dagmar Jäger, 10.15 am
(1) Tallinn 10.30 am – 1.45 pm
Introduction Research Cluster: Irina Raud (15 min)
Presentation of 4 Results
(each 35 min. - 25 min presentation, 10 min questions/first comments)
Raiko Reinson, Estonia
Ioannis Lykouras, Greece
Niklas Thies, Germany
Hyungi Jung, South Corea
Conclusion & Debate (40 min)
1.45-2.30 Break & Snack Cafeteria

(2) Lisbon 2.30 pm – 6.20 pm
Introduction Research Cluster: Flavio Barbini & Ricardo Carvalho (15 min)
Presentation of 5 Results
(each 35 min. - 25 min presentation, 10 min questions/first comments)
Eduardo Magno, Portugal
Elena Herwarth von Bittenfeld, Germany
Maria Bello, Portugal
Tomás Forjaz, Portugal
Üllar Ambos, Estonia
Conclusion & Debate 40 min
6.20-7.10 Break & Snack Cafeteria

(3) Cottbus 7.10 pm – 8.10 pm
Introduction Research Cluster: Dagmar Jäger (15 min)
Erko Luhaaru, Estonia (25 min presentation)
Questions & Conclusion & Debate 20 min
(Location will be announced on place)

29th of September 2012
(4) Tel Aviv
10 pm - 12 pm
Introduction Research Cluster: Ayala Ronel (15 min)
Presentation of 2 Results
(each 35 min. - 25 min presentation, 10 min questions/first comments)
Anne Groß, Germany
Jaan Kuusemets, Estonia
Conclusion & Debate 35 min

(5) Berlin 12 pm – 1 pm
Kenton Card, USA (25 min presentation)
Questions & Conclusion & Debate 35 min
Break & Snack Cafeteria, 1 pm – 2 pm

(5) Costa del Sol 2 pm – 6.25 pm
Introduction Research Cluster: Mar Loren (15 min)
Presentation of 6 Results
(each 35 min. - 25 min presentation, 10 min questions/first comments)
Jose Antonio Pavon Gonzalez, Spain
José De La Peña, Spain
Kaisa Lasner, Estonia
Pille Noole, Estonia
Kassem Eida, Libanon
Sebastian Seyfarth, Germany
Questions & Conclusion 40 min
Break & Snack Cafeteria, 6.25 pm – 7 pm

Professors Grading Conference 7 pm – 8.30 pm

Academy of Arts Reiseuni_Lab EVENING COME TOGETHER, 9 pm
Students of Class 2 inviting, Academy of Arts

Programm (pdf-Format) zum Download

27. — 29.9.2012



Präsentation der Masterarbeiten der internationalen Reiseuni. Kooperation mit BTU Cottbus. Am 28. und 29. September Teilnahme nur mit Anmeldung möglich.

Eintritt frei.

Programm (pdf-Format) zum Download